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More than four generations dedicated to wine

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Wisdom passed from father to son

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Respect for nature


Dedicated to wine-making in Rioja Alavesa for more than four generations.


Vines that are more than a century old in Rioja Alavesa.


Absolute respect for nature by using organic compost.

Bodegas Hermanos Frías del Val


The winery was founded in 1969 thanks to our Dad, Vicente, his brother Fernando and the encouragement of our Mum Loli. They knew how to transmit all that they had learned and looked after the vineyards that their grandparents had planted. We are a family who are dedicated to wine-making in Rioja Alavesa for the past 4 generations.

The family character of our winery and the generational take over is guaranteed because since 2000 the winery has been managed by Vicente and Gabriel Frías del Val, the new generation who have brought an up to date vision to the winery and by taking great care of the vineyards and by respecting the family tradition.


The winery owns and manages 35 hectares of vineyard that are distributed amongst 90 different plots, which give complexity to the wines. The vines are over a century old and are located in various villages in the heart of Rioja Alavesa such as Elciego, Navaridas, Leza, Samaniego and of course Villabuena de Álava which is where the majority of the vineyard is located, no more than 2.5 Km from the winery. This means that there is very little time from the moment that the grapes are harvested until they arrive at the winery, which keeps the grapes at optimum condition.

We respect nature with the utmost attention which is the reason why we keep all of our vines trained in the goblet or “vaso” bush vine system, using exclusively organic compost.

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Vicente and Gabriel Frías del Val

Vicente y Gabriel Frías del Val

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