Hermanos Frías del Val Crianza

Hermanos Frías del Val Crianza

Tempranillo 100%

Authentic and vibrant.

Like a good book, it is outstanding and surprising. It reveals itself throughout its story with much potential. The fruit is the protagonist that captures our interest; the oak is our friend that brings structure. The wine ends in a tremendous mix of sensations.

Colour: Cherry red with a purple rim which is a good indication of its ageing.
Aroma: Intense presence of dairy products, red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry, fruits of the forest such as blackberry. Also aromas of flowers, menthol, minerals, cocoa and milk and coffee flavoured sweets can be found. Very perfumed.
Mouth: Smooth entrance into the mouth, warm, bold with sweet fruity notes. Hints of dairy products, cocoa, minerals and at the end the coffee flavoured sweets steal the show.
Powerful in all senses, full bodied, with a perfumed retro-nasal taste with good structure.

Pairing: To accompany appetizers, fish cooked in the oven and meat.